1:32 CRIMSON SKIES “Inspired” Fighter by Dieter Bihlmaier

Inspired by the fantastic fighter flying game Crimson Skies, master modeler Dieter Bihlmaier again shows us his unlimited talents in the fantasy scratch model making realm! This piece is perfect to what Crimson Skies was all about and his scratch build of it is his usual fantastic style! Another masterpiece from Germany’s professional scratch modeler Dieter Bihlmaier!!

Here is what Dieter Bihlmaier has to say of this creative build… and his style….

Today I have a few pictures from my CRIMSON SKIES ( an old video game ) inspired project. The plane is scratch build from parts of several older unused kits. The scale is 1:32.The figure is mastered by John Rosengrant and available at Eagle Editions.

I build with pleasure the “what if” projects because it is a great way to try out newer techniques! For example…
paint chipping, washings, filtering and many others.


To contact professional modeler Dieter Bihlmaier direct, please click upon his name anywhere on this page, or click on his banner below…


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