1:24 Moonbus by Atomic City


In Scott Alexander’s own words…

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the subject of a Moonbus kit and when it might be available. So, the object of this topic is to post information about the development of this kit. It is 16 inches long, 1:24 scale. Figures will be included.

One thing that should be mentioned is I am not doing the work on this. I have way too many other things to do myself, so Randy Cooper is making these masters for me.

Now, since I know someone is going to ask– the price for the kit will probably be $275. I don’t know what the shipping charge will be.

One of my goals is to make it possible to install Lightsheet in the main cabin ceiling. The kit will NOT include any Lightsheet. And it will be up to each builder as to how the interior will be accessable– or not. There are a lot of seams that can be left open to allow for access.

Scott CaptCBoard@AOL.com

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