1:20 Clone Wars V-19 from the Modeler Magic Collection

I love when TOY Conversions come out so fantastic as this piece did! This is a fantastic re-do of the Hasbro Toy V-19 that was designed for the action figures. Of course the actual toy is smaller than the figure that is supposed to go in it (as the toys usually are), but we managed to find a 1:20 figure to go into this vehicle after figuring out that the toy is truly 1:20 scale. As usual in my commission builds, the model is physically damaged in order to project realism in the craft’s battle damage. As stated, I always prefer my displayed pieces to have real damage… not just painted dark blobs and drawn on scrapes. This piece is beautiful. I love the Captain Rex Pilot Figure placed in this piece…. as it really brought it to be a Clone Wars studio model… if there had been some physically made. Please enjoy the Blue Screen photos I took of it.

Modeler Magic Gallery Appraised Value of $1,200 U.S.


As usual, the Blue Screen Photos were taken with a Canon REBEL XTi by Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global Inc. utilizing the industry filming blue screen back drop sold by eefx.com.

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