1:20 Blackbird “Stealth” Viper built by Sean Sides


Built from the kit, master modeler Sean Sides of Square Models made short work of this model. Using his excellent skills, Sean made this kit shine as it should, but in the ‘stealth’ kind of way!

Here is what Sean had to say…

Here is a look at a terrific, 1/20 scale New Battlestar Galactica series kit of the BLACKBIRD STEALTH FIGHTER. This model will go very nicely with the other kits out there, F/M Models MKII Viper and Jesse Meyer’s Raptor.

CONCLUSIONS: – A fairly straightforward resin kit that assembles with little effort. This model is a beautiful companion to go with 1/20 and 1/24 scale new Galactica kits. The quality of this model is top notch, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this model to anyone that loves to build models, especially from the new BSG.

For inquiries into this kit, or to order one from JT-Graphics, please click on the banner link below..


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