1:18 V-Wing from the Modeler Magic Collection

Physical models for the filming industry are sadly, and quickly, becoming an art of the past. That stated, the CG artists and builders are now doing incredible works with all the new pieces we enjoy in the movies and series we watch. The toy makers of today use those original CG files to make perfect shapes of those pieces we enjoy, but make minor changes to them in order to make them “Play-Worthy” of today’s children. Because I am a child at heart, I have never stopped the idea of playing with toys… which is another reason why this Gallery exists. Toys today have become such works of art that converting them to a studio model representation is sometimes as simple a new paint job! Here, with this HASBRO toy, we can see how these toys can be made to be fantastic pieces of art!


MMM Gallery/Museum Appraised at $1,500 U.S.

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