1:12 (31 Inch) Colonial Viper by Sean Sides

This is an artist I always look forward to viewing more works from…. professional artist Sean Sides of the famous SQUARE MODELS! Building the extremely rare kit from MSLZ22MODELS (SCENE HERE), master modeler Sean Sides simply does not allow for error. His build is about as perfect as I can imagine! And absolutely beautiful with it’s detailed, and lit interior! A wonderful showing from model master Sean Sides!


Here is what Sean Sides had to say regarding this amazing build…

Well, finally got this giant behemoth done. ~31 inches long. This is the gorgeous kit from Mike Salzo & Mike Reis.

I didn’t have enough time to get some good pictures yet, but here’s a couple of quick ones. I’ll add more in a week or two, and put up the monogram kit for a size comparison.

Weathering is a combination of oils and pastels, and I added a few decals for some extra detailing. This kit went together extremely well, and the lighting combined with the size made for a gorgeous model.

Thanks for looking!

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This kit was made by MSLZ22 Models…


This kit is…


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