1:1000 (15 inch) McQuarrie Concept ENTERPRISE 1701 by Brad Dillon for the Karl Southcott Collection

This fantastic creation is one I never thought I would see come to life…. the Ralph McQuarrie designed Enterprise 1701! Commissioned by a patron, master modeler Brad Dillon again showed his skill in bringing the conceptual into realism…. and what a beautiful job he did! I am so impressed I may have a larger version done for the Gallery. Brad’s client is in for a real treat with this piece. I am jealous!

Here is what Brad Dillon had to say of this great piece…

This is a commission build I finished for a client yesterday. He wanted the model to follow the basic Ralph McQuarrie design but indicated to me that he wanted me to use creative freedom with detailing it. He wanted the bridge to be placed at the front of the saucer according to the original design which is definitely a bit of a change from most of the starship designs seen in the Trek universe. The model was painted and finished per the customers specs. Smooth and clean! The finished model measures just under 15 inches and is approximately 1/1000 scale, although it’s hard to pin down the exact scale since no info could be found regarding how large this particular ship would be.

It was a very enjoyable build and I loved the creative freedom my client allowed me on this project.


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