The Model Creations & Model Size Comparisons of Klaus Heilemann

This model maker uses many items to create his fleet of scaled replicas. He has made many! Some interesting size comparisons as well!

Star Wars & Buck Rogers

“Tie fighter STAR WARS Kenner model too big – my rplica 1:72, vertical panels Tie fighter – too small – my replica 1:72 , snowspeeder – my replica – longer version both 1:72 , replica 1:72 Y-Wing using huge Kenner model ( action figures 3,5 ” could be put in it : pilot and robot , ca 70 cm long ) + Y-Wing model bought some 20 years later , Buck Rogers Draconian Fighter – original AMT too big – my reolica 1:72″


Star Ships!

“USS Bradbury – fan design TNG ‘Menage a Troi’ – own model in 1:1400 scale as most AMT (Starcraft models / Alliance models ) even with hand painted Aztec pattern ; Federation fighter 1:72 ; USS Hokulea ( fan design) ( saucer Star craft Enterprise B model) rest wood, cardboard, decals , paper / Youtube fan film series Helena Chronicles , model 1:1400 movable hinges at secondary hull and middle on nacelles / USS Titan – my own model of wood , metal, cardboard and
the Starcraft model , that came out much, much later (I even bought the ISS Titan )”


Here you get some of the sizes of the models:   Bradbury fan design  L 600 m , W 210 m , H 84 m
                                                                          model in 1:1400          43cm ,     16cm   ,    7cm
                                                                          USS Helena                31cm , W  = saucer 19cm
                                                                          USS Titan           both 33cm,  W mine 17cm  – Starcraft 16,5cm
                                                     Fan design      USS Hokulea           32,5cm,         13cm    ,   5cm
                    Federation fighter fan desin  (        L  19m ,   W 12m  ,        H   4m
                                                                  mine  in scale  1:72          26,5cm,    16cm ,            5cm



Art works & Vipers!

“New picture TOS Galactica Viper – I bought a plastic model ages ago – secondary hull with cockpit 1,5 times too big ,
so I replaced it by wooden parts , that model with my idea an x-Wing Viper – movable upper wings open , closed when lauched into space. Right now I do not have all pictures of my own models on my PC hardrive, but I will add some of my Star Trek paintings (using acrylic paimt on canvas ) : Star Fleet Museum in Earth orbit 70 x 100cm ,
Starfleet Medical 50x70cm, Mars Utopia Planitia 70x100cm, Starfleet Academy 1 , Starfleet Academy 2 with gardener Boothby , first watercolor picture Planet Vulcan.”

Best wishes, Klaus


Klaus Heilemann

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