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36 Inch Refit Enterprise

Late last year, I created another Enterprise Refit, in the 1/350th scale. This had all the usual upgrades, minus the Lasers, as the client did not choose this option. However, being the very latest version I have created in my lifelong career, it was one of my best versions, even rivaling the far bigger De Boer versions I had done prior.

At 36 inches long, and on a Base Platform (Shown without the Glass Case) measuring 52 inches, finished in a Gloss Black Glossy finish (as is my custom), it is quite a striking display.

Highly detailed, and possibly one of my last Refit builds, as I have made 11 of them in the last 15 years, of varying scales.

This display featured several options, and a highly detailed Shuttle Bay, and Arboretum. As I am turning 62 in some short weeks, I felt it would be a good time to submit this creation to the site.

My passion has always been the larger scales, and this was no exception. The construction took around 7 months, and no expense was spared.

I do look forward to making a few more displays, before I put away my tools and retire. However, I shall never stop creating my displays, in this hobby that I so dearly love. I even may take on a few more commissions, and am always open to a commission, based on my desire to take it on as a project.

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