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Disney Nautilus Submarine project, from the film “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”

This Disney Nautilus Submarine project, from the Disney film “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” was completed in early 2020. It took approx. 7 months to complete. These kits are very rare these days, and several key parts were missing. Some very good friends that have 3D Printing skills, helped me a lot!
Fair mention….George Takacs, George Waldron, and Robert James, whom which I could not have completed this difficult project.

The Stand was very old, and fell apart in my hand, there was no way It could have supported the huge Submarine, which weighed well over 15lbs completed. I used a temporary one, until the stand was faithfully replicated, after the project was completed.
Built for a client, who absolutely wanted the entire original kit, and my job is to make my clients happy with the results. After all was finished, his comment was simple….”Fantastic”…nice to hear.
Total length was 67 inches, and th paint scheme was the well known “Rust” look, and I added many of those effects, as well as “Algea” and various weathering effects…
Many of the parts were missing, I had to scratch build many, including the “Display Table” in the middle of the Salon section. All these scratch built items, took a lot of time, but I was pleased with the results. Many of the items in the Salon, were missing. I obtained tiny Furniture, in the Victorian style, which matched closely. Even the tiny paintings, on the Structural Columns were s close as possible.
As mentioned, the Submarine measured 67 inches in length. It was finally displayed on the original Stand, after it was 3D printed. The Temporary Stand was later used on another build.
I could write a book on the amount of work that went into this build, but I would rather let the images tell the story.
My Wife’s favorite build, after seeing all my projects of the last 23 years. When it was finally picked up 6 months after completion, she was ad to see it go. So was I.
Simon Mercs

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