SUBMIT Your Art Works to Modeler’s Miniature’s & Magic!


Greetings Artists, Modeling Artists and Viewers!

Thank you for your viewership of Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic, and for your participation in the art form!

Per the many requests I have received to do so, we have now added this area to SUBMIT photos and/or videos of your work to possibly be shown on this Gallery site. As always, I am very honored to review them. Please allow a few days once I receive the photos (and/or videos) for an answer of if and when we will be able to show them. Once we do show your work, you are free to send me as much as you wish to show… as you will have your own area on the Gallery site for people to view. Please note that only serious Artists and their Art Works will be considered as this is a professional site for all to view and be inspired from those artists and their art works shown. Unfortunately, due to Internet Prankster’s out there, any emails considered not to be professional in their submission, (including any SPAMer’s out there), will be placed on our permanent email blocked listing.

Please note that not everyone’s art works are shown. If perhaps your work is not chosen to be shown at this time, please know that we appreciate the submission and hope that you will continue to improve your skills and submit your work again at a later date. Your work and participation is VERY valued and appreciated!

That stated, please email me jpegs of your work at no less than 2000 pixels across so that your work may be viewed up close by all who may see it. The email to send the photos to is . Please send them as actual attached files, and not as photos included in the email. You may send up to 16MB per email and it is OK to send multiple emails so all the photos get to me. If you have comment of your work, please add this in the email as well.

If you wish to send flash video of your work, please do so through your own DROPBOX account, then send me a link to download from there. Or better yet, if you have the video already on YouTube, or another video site provider, please simply email me the link and I will handle it from there. That seems to be the preferred method of showing video these days, and is much easier to show.

Also, if you have a site for people to visit, please send me the site URL as well as the banner of the site made to be 580 X 100 pixels so that I may place it on our site, and also in all of your showings to lead viewers back to your site.

Again, thank you for contacting the Gallery! This is a fantastic form of art and I look forward to seeing what you have to contribute.

I look forward to viewing your submissions.

Thank You All!

Chris Dye

Modeler’s, Miniature’s & Magic


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