Scott Boon – Hasbro 28″ Hero falcon conversion (For Sale)



Hasbro 28″ Hero falcon conversion

For Sale – $2000 + Shipping


Hasbro 28″ Hero falcon conversion.

This piece has been a labour of love, it includes a 3D printed cockpit from Falcon 3D parts and also the collision light housings. What sets this apart is the £260 worth of resin conversion kit that is only available occasionally and includes replacement part that were cast from the original kit parts and  shrunk to the correct scale. These parts make for an accurate replica of the ESB Falcon and require that the Hasbro toy itself be reduced to just a shell, as virtually everything is replaced.

The model has been painted and weathered using Insignia white, with many washes added and various weathering techniques used. The result is a nice, beat up looking Falcon with detailing taken from reference pictures and other builds shown on the RPF. What I like the most about this piece is that how it changes colours depending on the light angle and source, it changes from the Insignia white in a bright setting, to the more famous tan colour used on the MR Falcon in low light and a brilliant on screen grey/white – giving it an amazing ‘just come out of ILM’ look. It is mounted on a simple base with a very heavy duty panavise that has 360 degree adjustability  on 2 plains due to 2 separate mounting points. It is of course lit and I have designed the lighting to be in scale with the model using 0.5mm SMD’s and tower LED’s for the collision lights, these are resisted to lower the lighting intensity so that it doesn’t look like a christmas tree. The Engines are lit with a custom made independent blue and white SMD strips that I have incorporated with a 10 function effects button. There are 2 small push button on the underside of the model which can be used to operate these, I have found that the strobe effect on the white strip and fade effect on the blue strip absolutely perfectly mimic the Falcons hyperdrive effect. The collision lights can be turned off on the base, as can the white SMD strip in the engine, leaving just the bright blue light on startup.

This piece is also for sale priced at $2000 plus shipping, please bare in mind that this is a heavy piece at nearly 4kg and a box that is 36″ x 30″ x 12″

Best regards

Scott Boon

Scott Boon


United Kingdom

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