Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic is back!

Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic is back!

I am very pleased to state that Modelers Miniatures & Magic is now ready for more content submissions from all of you amazing artists world-wide. After a 5 month hiatus, and finding the Successor to Modeler Magic, I am confident that this site shall continue in its original spirit, and service of the art form for decades to come.  With that stated, Modeler Magic is excited to announce Chris Dye and his team for this great journey with you all. I have every confidence in them.

In this journey, I have always been grateful to everyone in the art form, and it’s vast branches. Modeler Magic was created to assist in your own successful journey into,.. and through a fantastic world of fantasy, precision, and creativity. I am grateful to all of you for continually being amazing. You have helped change the world with all you have created… and Chris and his team are ready to help you further do so… for us all.

As I type my last words as Modeler Magic’s owner… I pass the torch with confidence to Chris and his team.

With great love, respect and thanks to you all… I tell you… Peace be unto you..

Kurt Kuhn


Hi Everyone, my name is Chris Dye and I am honoured that I have been chosen by Kurt to take over Modeler Magic. Thank you for your patience whilst we handled some behind the scenes stuff that was required to facilitate the handover, those changes have now been done and the site is now live in its new home.

As with all of you I have been a fan of Modeler Magic for many years and I am excited to begin bringing you updates again from all the amazing artists that form this exciting genre that we all love.

I am also looking at options to enhance the Modeler Magic experience and will be bringing ideas to you for discussion in the coming months.

I want to thank Kurt for everything he has done for us all over the past years, supporting, funding and running everything to do with Modeler Magic by himself to ensure it has continued to grow, He has done an amazing job, and he can now step back and enjoy reading updates instead of writing them (although I welcome him to submit updates in the future 😊 ).

Submissions are now open, please send them, or any questions / enquiries to

Chris Dye

Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic


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