Lisa Model Conversion to Andorian Female Officer by Smith Model Industries

The Andorian’s always fascinated me… especially after they expanded on their culture in Star Trek ENTERPRISE. Steve Smith certainly did this piece justice in this conversion.


This is conversion of a solarwind Lisa model into a Andorian female officer. My client wanted something close to Talas from Enterprise. The Lisa model came as a bare stock model. Only had on a bikini and no hair. The bikini was sanded off, along with all the mold lines. I then used Milliput putty for the hair and clothing. The antenna was done using wire, with very small sections of hollow tubing cut to length. The suction cup on the ends were from the same hollow tubing, just cut at an angle, then shaped with sanding sticks and a hobby knife. Small holes were drilled so the wire could be secured into her head.

The clothing was done by first tracing a pattern on the model with a pencil. Then the putty was rolled out into thin sheets, and layered on. The quilting on the shoulder pads was made by a toothpick, applying Micro Kristal Klear. The quilting dividing the other sections of clothing was done the same way.

She was then primed to check for imperfections. Then a base coat of acryl paints was used. Colors were Leather, Khaki, and a dark brown was mixed up to do the boots, two parts black to one part red. After three coats of acryl, came the oils for shadowing and highlighting. The base is a wood plaque. The decking she’s standing on is a sheet of styrene airbrushed with buffing Titanium.

The figure stands around 9 inches. A fun build! Would like to do more for anyone that might be interested in this collectable. Each piece will be made from scratch. Using the same materials. Could even do her in a Starfleet uniform if desired. Just contact me.

Thanks Kurt! Have a wonderful weekend!

Steve Smith








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Steve Smith


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