Lee Ralph’s WIP – Making “The Last Jedi” 21 Inch Resistance Bomber!!

Hi All.

Something a little different this time, and very off the beaten track. This is my progress thus far on my replica of the EP8 Resistance Bomber.

The model is built to exacting dimensions of the NYC Comicon franchise Maquette, not being a fan of the 3D printed asset model at all. For many parts, I was able to ID, where known donors were used, but this model, was actually built with many modern kits, and even a modern SW Finemolds Falcon, so it became a very mixed bag and a challenge to ID in full.

With this, i decided to elaborate a good portion of the detailing, all with OT period kits and even Aavid heatsinks, I wasn’t looking for another epic and yet another model sat missing parts as that happens far too often in this hobby, this needed to be fun and a release, and dare i say it, as i grow older, my love for anal hyper accuracy in donors has waned a lot….it needs to be fun for me these days.

The hull, is made from an amalgam of EMA ABS tubing and cones, as well as some printed parts for the rear tail section, still some clean up to do here and there on these, but all in good time.

So far its been fun, and also a challenge in utilising known donors, and keeping it at least a resemblance, those ILM guys years ago, really did have amazing vision in many parts chosen to detail such iconic models.

For the paint and livery, I want to keep it period, in using the new Archive-X range of enamels by Guy Cowen, these paints replicate the vintage Floquil hues so well, and i feel will suit this model, a long way off at this time, but its always nice to have a plan in ones head so a good coat of Reefer White is called for at that time.

She is 21″ long, and some 14″ tall.

This model is differing in, it was built by hand, 3d printing, and decorated with physical donors as a Franchise model. The Disney model is fully (albeit roughly) 3d printed from the movie asset files. There is yet a 3rd iteration, that I believe was built by ILM, and yet again, decorated in a differing manner. The sizes of the latter two I’m not sure of as I’ve never seen them in the flesh sadly.

Next up, are the vac form bucks for the bomb magazine, again this area will be quite a task, but Im hoping i can have this model on display at an upcoming Comicon show here in my hometown, stay tuned for more progress.

Best Regards……Lee


Lee Ralph






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