Larson Designs Studio Scale Colonial Movers – 40th Anniversary Build by Wolfgang Hörz

Colonial Movers
“We move anywhere” 

– 40th Anniversary Battlestar Galactica –

Genesis of my Colonial Movers spaceship!

Only few spaceships from the series “Battlestar Galactica” are so well known as the “Colonial Movers” spaceship. Since my childhood the TV-series and especially their spaceships are fascinating me. For the TV- series real models were built out of thousands of pieces of model kits from tanks, ships, planes etc. Maybe due to this familiar parts the spaceships from “Battlestar Galactica” seemed to be more real than the spaceships from other movies or series of that time.

I first had to decide which kit I’d have to buy to built the “Colonial Movers”. There are two different producers of the model kit in studio scale: LARSON DESIGN (USA) and J.A.W.S. Models (Australia). The decision was easy for me because there is only dealer delivering to Germany at that time – Montersinmotion (USA).

I changed the the middle part, so that I could add a stable base from the bottom (for the construction) and from the side (for the presentation).

One of the key issue was the building of the significant six containers. For the movie model two different truck models were used in the scale of 1:43 (Matchbox/ AMT) from the beginning of the 1970’s). Those antique building sets are very rare now and very expensive but I found some in Greece. I copied the parts out of Resin with own made molds and placed the containers with own built suspensions along the longitudinal axis. I also built several add-on parts like ladders, pipes etc. on my own. The artificial aging of the model was done by using oil-colors like the original movie models were aged at that time.
For the letterings I made some paint markings and Air-brushed these later on.

The next step was building a pedestal with a wooden frame to fix a 2mm polysterolplate with the dread print of the space background.
But there was something missing to show the proportions of “Colonial Movers”. So I bought two Mk.1 Vipers in the scale of 1:270 which fits more or less to show the size ratio between the spaceship and the Vipers. I fixed both in the background and now the dimensions of the transporter are revealed.
To finish my work I drilled some holes in the space background and put some fiber-optic cable inside which were connected to a small LED with battery.
The last step was the building of a 4mm thick acrylic glass showcase and a suitable plate.
The building process took me about 400 hours of work, about 100 hours only for painting. It is 120 cm long.

Wolfgang Hörz
HWH Beschriftungen


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