Kurt Kuhn’s Farewell to Modeler Magic,… and His Thanks to Everyone for Many Wonderful Years!

On this beautiful Memorial Day morning I am reminded of so many amazing things, and how grateful I am of everything and everyone. I wish to thank all who have served in the capacity of helping others. I especially thank those who have given their life, and thank their families as well, in doing so. I honor you all, and I shall never forget what you have provided to us. Our world needs you as the Heroes you are. No matter where you may live, if you have served in this capacity, giving all to help others, “Thank you” is simply not enough to express how I feel about you and the sacrifices you have made for us.

That stated, not everyone may be cut from the cloth of a “protection” type of service that is recognized on this day in my own country. It just may be that a person has a different calling in this life that one’s service to others may not be entirely recognized. Service comes in many forms, and if you are reading this, it is likely you too are providing a service of bringing joy to the world in what you create. Hobby or not,… business or not… this art form brings joy to everyone. Of course this is simply how I choose to view this world, and I know not everyone shall agree of my own thinking… lol. Nevertheless… I surely do with great appreciation.

I have much going through my mind this day…

When I began Modelers Miniatures & Magic (which seems like yesterday, yet so many years ago now), I had high hopes that it would be a site that everyone could, and would utilize. I wished to recognize the artists, and the art form. To my complete joy, it certainly became so,… and it did so through the participation of you artists, collectors and viewers alike. YOU made Modeler Magic what it has become. Today, it seems to have become a ‘staple’ in the art form, one that is now among the many wonderful sites that millions of people view daily, and utilize for the betterment of an art form. I am absolutely grateful to everyone for being part of this site, and the promotion of excellence within the art form. You are all amazing!

With that stated, my time has come, and as one artist recently emailed me… an “End of an Era”. I found his words enlightening when I read them,..as they are very true. I have had the great honor and pleasure to have shared that Era with you all. For myself, it has always been because of you, and about you.. with all you create. I shall miss our interactions, and yet I shall still be in our art form, overseeing what I am able to of what we still have on our books to create and build. Many of those pieces (that many of you had a hand in creating) may eventually be viewed physically in museums around the world, with your name on them as their artist. Even so, I still may decide to sell a few ‘key’ pieces that are either extremely unique, or those I may have multiples of (that are still individually unique), so that they may then reside in some collections around the world who are showing that collection to all. Everything that is currently, or has formerly been here in the collection I have great admiration of. I have seen the joy those pieces have brought to thousands of people who have visited me over the decades, and viewed them. It is the work of the great artists who I have had the great pleasure and honor to work with in bringing them to life. When telling of these fine pieces, I speak highly of you, their creators. I thank you all for the amazing works you have brought into this world.

As to what happens now with Modeler Magic. I am grateful of all the amazing people who came forward to potentially be the Successor to Modeler Magic….truly. You are all fantastic, and very much appreciated. While Modeler Magic will eventually change with the new ideas, and ideals of a future Successor, I retire with great confidence that the ‘core’ of Modeler Magic shall always remain intact so that everyone may still utilize this site as it was meant to be used. With that stated, at this time I have yet to choose a Successor. There are many with the great potential to help Modeler Magic move forward in the knowledge that it will become even better with all that is being created. You have made it amazing, and it’s use is limitless. Because so, on  June 14, 2021, or until I choose who shall be it’s Successor, for a short time Modelers Miniatures & Magic shall become an ARCHIVE of all those amazing works from artists (who have participated over the years), in order to keep alive the art and information shown. With an eventual Successor, I am certain updates will then continue, along with all the offerings from artists around the world, and it shall be in their style of doing so. Most likely things shall even be better than before.

My goodness…time certainly passes quickly these days. With that, I guess it is time for me to stop my babble and to say “farewell”. After all, with every end comes a beginning…

It has been my honor and privilege to have been with you all in Modeler Magic during the past few decades. I have witnessed amazing artists become even more so in all you do. Your great efforts are truly changing the world toward joy. I shall always be grateful of you.

As many of you already know what I state (in just about every communication I have had with you all),.. I shall do so one last time. Always remain the Professionals I know you to be. You… are… GREAT! This world needs you.

Again,.. Thank you all.

Peace be unto you

Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Incorporated
Modelers Miniatures & Magic


Kurt Kuhn





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