Kurt Kuhn visits Walt Disney World’s STAR WARS LAUNCH BAY

You may have noticed a few weeks have gone by since I have updated Modeler Magic. I was in Florida, enjoying time with Family, and very much enjoying it all at Walt Disney World. One of the great features that Disney now has is Star Wars….. and like it’s younger sibling, Disneyland in California, Disney World Hollywood Studios also has a Launch Bay featuring all kinds of Star Wars Replica Goodies. Built by many of the artists shown on this site, they are always a pleasure to view. There are even some differences between the models shown at each location, and which models are shown at all. Not to mention life sized props. While there I witnessed a young family, with their daughter and son dressed up for the Mickey Halloween party that Disney puts on through the month of October in it’s USA locations. The Smith Family! They are amazing people, and kind enough to allow me to photograph them to show here on Modeler Magic. I could not resist… a tiny Rey and BB-8…. fantastic! Thank you Smith Family!

Here are a few photographs quickly taken. My apology for the lighting, reflections, and lack of detail in the photos. I used my Galaxy 8+ and the rooms were darkened to show the models in a gallery setting. There are some reflections, however, that are kind of cool looking! LOL.

I had placed up the Disneyland Launch Bay photos a while back, just after it opened…. but I think I will go back to get better photos. In any case… here we have what we have, and we are lucky things have opened up as much as they have so that we are able to photograph these wonderful artworks.

I will soon be placing up a load of photos that are of Disney Made miniatures… including beautiful dioramas of the new Star Wars and Toy Story Lands that are currently being built. I will try to have them ready for the next update.

Thank you all for your continued excellence and participation in this art form. It is YOU that make this art form what it is… and I am grateful of YOU.


Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Incorporated
Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic

The Rogue One Death Star Physical Replica

(Note the paint flecks to create a textured busy surface, and the pencil lined paneling effect)


The Slave One Replica

(Exactly like the one in Disneyland, as they were made by the same artists, whom are part of the Modeler Magic Family of Artists)

The Smith Family!!

(Such an amazing, young family. Unfortunately we did not get a photo with the Father as well. My apology. We thank you, and wish you all the best!)

Imperial Star Destroyer DEVASTATOR Replica

TFA Millennium Falcon Replica

Tantive IV Replica

(There is something different to me from this one to the one in Disneyland. It may be the side gun turrets throwing me off from looking at what we have here)

A-Wing Replica

B-Wing Replica

T-70 Physical Replica

(For whatever reason,… just like the Disneyland display, whomever set this up is not opening the wings to their potential. I wish they would do so.)

Director Krennic’s Shuttle Replica

Droid Tri-Fighter Replica

First Order Shuttle Physical Replica

First Order TIE Fighter Physical Replica

Anikan’s POD Racer Full Size Prop and Physical Model Replica

TIE Fighter Replica

Advanced TIE X-1 (Vader’s TIE) Replica

TIE Interceptor Replica

(Check out the Reflections in the Canopy in this shot…. a neat error)

U-Wing Physical Model Replica

Y-Wing Replica

Full Sized Speeder Bike Prop Replica

Various Prop Replicas

…and I couldn’t leave without saying “hello” to BB-8! What a fantastic encounter that was!

Pictured above: Kurt Kuhn with BB-8

Kurt Kuhn





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