KIT ALERT – Hunk of Junk Productions – The Guyver Relic space craft



The Guyver Relic space craft from the movie Guyver:Dark Hero


(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$65 USD

Plus Shipping

*First Name: Tony

*Last Name: Lamb

*Company Name (if applicable): Hunk of Junk Productions

*CONTACT E-Mail Address:

*Country: USA

*Company Web Site URL (if applicable):


*Kit Name: Guyver Relic Spacecraft

*Kit Producer: Hunk of Junk Productions

*Kit Scale: Unknown

*Kit Materials: Resin

*Number of Pieces: 14

*Kit Price $65

*Shipping Amount: $10.00  USPS Priority Mail

*Shipping Restrictions (Your Country Only or Worldwide): Worldwide

*Kit Availability Date: Now

*Payment Methods (PayPal, Credit Card, Check, Money Order):

*PayPal E-Mail Address (if different from CONTACT email stated above):

*Kit URL (if applicable):None

*Kit Description: This is the Guyver Relic space craft from the movie Guyver:Dark Hero.

Based on a Japanese Manga then animater series and finally 2 live action movies . The kit stands 11.5″ tall when built and comes with 2 options for the legs or out. The leg fit is snug and both sets could be painted to allow for different displays. There is no base with the kit . International orders welcome shipping will be calculated with each order and location. Limited run kit until molds fail .


To contact the SELLER direct, please click the CONTACT SELLER link below.

Tony Lamb


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