KIT ALERT – Fantastic Plastic – New Release – Skyflash from “Flash Gordon” (1954-1955)


from “Flash Gordon” (1954-1955)

Price: $40.00 + Shipping

The “Skyflash” was the hero ship featured in the “Flash Gordon” TV series that aired for one season (39 episodes!) on the short-lived DuMont Network between 1954 and 1955. Like many rocketships of its era, the Skyflash was a single-stage, chemical rocket-powered tail-sitter inspired largely by the German V-2 ballistic missiles of World War II.

Operated by the Galactic Bureau of Investigation in the year 3203, the Skyflash traveled throughout the galaxy, carrying Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov on amazing adventures on the lowest of budgets.

About the Model
Scale: 1:288
Number of Pieces: 7
Height: 6.5 inches
Mastered and cast by Millennium Models International (MMI)

This is kit #7 in our 1:288 “Classic Rocketships” series.

Allen Ury


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