Fantastic Plastic – Limited Re-Release: Project Pluto SLAM Missile (1967) Nuclear-Powered “Doomsday” Cruise Missile

Project Pluto SLAM Missile (1967)

Nuclear-Powered “Doomsday” Cruise Missile

Price: $75.00 + Shipping


Back by Popular Demand!

The 1:72 Project Pluto SLAM Missile is back in the Fantastic Plastic Virtual Museum Store — for a Limited Time Only!

The Supersonic Low-Altitude Missile (SLAM) was a nuclear-powered “Doomsday” weapon designed to irradiate the Soviet Union while popping out thermo-nuclear bombs like Pez candies. The project was launched in the late 1950s and only canceled in 1967.

Our 1:72 all-resin kit depicts the final iteration of this fascinating piece of Cold War madness. The 15 pieces were cast by Catalyst Creations. Decals were designed by JBOT and printed by Tango Papa. (Display stand not included.)

The kit is available for a limited time only for just $75.00 + shipping.

Allen Ury


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