Collector Alert!! NEW from Anovos! – Star Trek: Discovery – U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 – 35″ Miniature



35″ USS Enterprise


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$9,000 USD

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Star Trek™ created a generation of fans by inspiring their imagination for technology’s future. Charting new frontiers, ANOVOS is excited to continue our line of collectible studio-scale filming models whose aim is to tell the story of these starships in never-before seen detail—not only from without, but from within.

Advancements in 3D design and printing have allowed us to bring these technical drawings to life, by engineering the fully dimensional ships from inside-out. Under the guidance of famed model maker John Eblan, and using digital assets for the Star Trek Discovery models provided directly by CBS from the show’s production team, our core engineers took these ships’ specifically-focused areas of interest and engineered the internal architecture, which were then given life via 3D printing and integrated with lights. The final effect is a deeper look into not only these beautifully hand-painted ship, but also an interactive experience with the ability to lift portions of the hull plating to reveal the ship’s bussard collectors and deflector dish.

Manufacturing and Delivery Timelines

Each ship is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and hand-crafted to order through a combination of 3D printing, electronics and conventional mold-and-cast.

Due to the immense complexity and build time for each piece, orders will be taken in very limited waves meant to get you your product in a reasonable time. There will be a maximum of three (3) waves and, once surpassed, the project will be posted as Sold Out. There are no guarantees that the run will re-open due to the number of exciting ships we endeavor to produce to with this cutting-edge technology.

Technical Details

  • Measures 35″ long x 16″ wide x 8″ tall.
  • Body composed of polymer resin, with steel reinforcement.
  • Replicated directly from the screen-used digital assets from production.
  • Over 180 LED lights, runs off a 12V power source, with single channel remote.
  • Active illumination for Impulse Engines, Warp Nacelles, Formation, and Anti-Collision lights.
  • Our system uses a series of Neodymium magnets in both the pylons and nacelles to secure the nacelles. All electronics are handled with pin connections. This allows the nacelles to removed and attached at will.
  • Detail areas:
    –Removable covers to bussard collectors, exposing engineering elements.
    –Extendable deflector dish to reveal illuminated deflector coil.
  • Automotive-grade paints applied, using a multi-layer process to achieve Aztec panel effect.
  • Custom-cut Discovery-style Starfleet non-split delta display stand, composed of machined aircraft aluminum and steel, with a total display height of 14”.
  • Includes separate display plaque featuring starship’s name and registry.
  • Packaged in wooden prop box lined with convoluted foam.

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