Adam johnson – Aries 1b: AJAMODELS vs STUDIO MODEL




Here is a comparison of my AJAMODELS Aries 1b compared to the restored filming miniature.

I tried to take the photos at the same angle as the AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences) photos.

The 3rd photo is a comparison to the movie shot.

I released this kit about 13 years ago.  My… how time flies!

I supplied all the photos to AMPAS, from which John Goodson (the senior modeler) used the original reference photos to guide the restoration.   We spent enormous time finding out which model kit parts were used, as many of the parts were broken or missing. Piping around the engines was almost completely rusted in certain areas.   Also, brass and copper fittings from household British plumbing was used extensively on the model.  The surface texture panels on the dome and around the engine cylinders is a self-adhesive flexible vinyl film electrically coated with brass. 5 different types were used.

Finally, the original model had a sad attempt at restoration in 1970, from which John (and Irene – AMPAS restoration expert) had to reverse the damage done to it. Many model kit parts were misplaced as well.  In all, the model is 99% back to its original glory.

Thanks to John, Irene and the AMPAS staff for allowing me to consult them on a very difficult project that was almost 3 years in the making.

“Left to right- John Goodson, Adam Johnson, Irene & Sophie( museum employee restoration experts).

Adam K. Johnson



Adam K. Johnson


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