SOLD!!1:650 (41 Inch) NEMESIS Battle Damaged Enterprise 1701-E! Now in the Albert Siow Collection


May 6, 2013

SOLD!! NOW In the Collection of Mr. Albert Siow!!

December 20, 2012

This beautiful piece started out years ago as a “clean” Enterprise built by Richard Long of his own mastered kit that is now out of production. It was beautiful back then as she was displayed! But then the unthinkable happened… and in tragedy… the piece was damaged quite badly. It traveled through the hands of a few artists before it found the right artist that would re-build her to her former glory.. and beyond! Artist Marc Elkins did amazing work restoring this piece! Not only did he add in a very rigid armature and custom studio stand, but upon re-sealing the model, he managed to fix up all the damage done to the paint of the ship! He was unable to get the Port Nacelle Bussard Collector lighting to come back to life…. so rather than having him cut it open, (and being that there are about 10 builds of this kit out on the world today that are of the ‘clean’ Enterprise E), Marc and I decided to make this one the Battle Damaged version from Nemesis…. making this piece absolutely unique among the few.  This would be the version before getting rammed into the Reman Scimitar, but after joining forces with the Romulan’s to fight Shinzon aboard the before mentioned Scimitar. Some of the battle damage was able to cover some areas that may have been challenging,…. making that damage seem more real with the hull’s scrapes! I love realism in miniatures… and this one just got extremely realistic from a fantasy point of view! Yes… my grin in the above photo is the genuine article! Marc did outstanding work!

This piece will be displayed next to the Richard Long created (Galaxy Class) 1:650 Yamato that Dan Grumeretz is currently bringing to life.

For photographing this piece I used the Canon Rebel XTi. The model was photographed against the professional Blue Screen foam material created and sold by .  The lighting used were three (muted) 500 watt bright white (blue) bulbs.


















This finished Enterprise E Miniature

Carries an MMM Appraised value of

$15,000 U.S.D