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HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Thank you 2012 / Welcoming 2013!!


Artist Tobias Richter from the Light Works sent me this custom greeting above where he utilized a background found online, and added his JJ Enterpise digital build to make it even more fantastic! We ...

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Wall Mounted 1:32 Viper EVOLUTION by Scott Boon for the Albert Siow Collection

These 1:32 Viper kit have become quite premium as artist Scott Boon makes them into fantastic EVOLUTION displays like this one for the Albert Siow Collection! His attention to detail and quality is am...

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COMING SOON! POTA Icarus Kit from Crow’s Nest Models


Planet of the Apes



Parts Printed from Computer Files for Perfection!

To visit the Crow’s Nest Models site direct, please click the banner link above.

To contact Drew Huffman dire...

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Sean Sides – A Studio Scale Rag Tag Fleet

Artist Sean Sides is well famed by his many fantastic miniature accomplishments in the art form! Recently Sean completed hi studio scale Gemini Freighter… made exactly to the specs of the original stu...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale ALIENS Dropship by Steve Neisen in the Hector Rosales Collection


This piece sold in literally a few hours!

The Colonial Marines Dropship was one of the most fantastic designs for the ALIEN films...

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VALIANT – A USC Thesis Film by Robin Phillips and Crew

I am always honored to show on Modeler Magic the works of up and coming film artists! This specific artist has already captured the attention of several main stream Hollywood film making professionals...

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EVENT ALERT!! Jerseyfest Model Kit & Statue Fair 2013



Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share with you some information about our 2013 show...

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Berton Pierce’s SENSE OF SCALE – A Documentary Film of Industry Model Making


This documentary is about the dying art of model making...

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Collector’s PLANTE and KUHN Visit Artist/Collector Marc Elkins!

A few weeks ago, and one week apart, Collector’s Michael Plante and myself managed to swing by artist and collector Marc Elkins home! What an experience! Michael ended up going home owning Marc’s 6 fo...

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NEWS! Larson Designs ACQUIRES Lunar Models!!





As of January 20, 2012

MANY Lunar Model Kits will be available and sold through Larson Designs

To contact the KIT PRODUCER direct for further information,

please click the CONTACT K...

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