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MODELING NEWS! Desktop Model X-Wing HERO Conversion from MODEL-FORCES




Star Wars

Desktop Model X-Wing

HERO Conversion!

Marko Osterolz teams up with Stefan Hacker and Christian Fröhlich to create a new model company (Model-Forces...

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Happy Holidays from Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic


2011 has been another fantastic year of growth for our Modeler Magic Family. The site is now getting more than 450,000 hits each day to view the amazing works of our shown artists...

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Flying Wings – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

Here is another beautiful composite by Warren Zoell…

Here is my composite image of AMT’s 1/72 scale Northrop XB35 Flying Wing and Testors 1/72 scale Northrop B2 Spirit flying in formation...

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McQuarrie Concept A-Wings – Composite Artwork by William Pace

Using Richard Long’s photos of the amazing scratch builds he made for a few collectors of the McQuarrie designed A-Wing from Star Wars (SEEN HERE) , professional artist William Pace shows us his amazi...

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“Prowlers in the Brush” – Concept Artwork of Eric N. Clark

Once again the fantastic concept illustrator come forward with another beautiful piece...

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Introducing…. White Room Artifacts, LLC


Many have asked what has happened to the great model makers who worked on the many, MANY blockbuster films in the past 40 -50 years...

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‘WARP SHUTTLE” Art by Warren Zoell

Once again this fantastic artist comes forward with another beautiful scene of the Starfleet Runabout! I love this stuff!

To visit the fantastic artist’s site, please click on his banner link...

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Magical Circle “Portal” – Concept Artwork by Eric Clark

From the imagination of artist Eric Clark comes this fantastic new concept work!  I just love what he comes up with! Though it looks nothing like it, the drawing reminds me of the Time Portal...

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“Balance of Terror” – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

The Romulan Bird of Prey….. first seen in Star Trek the Original Series “Balance of Terror” in which the Romulan seak across the neutral zone and begin destroying Federation Outposts to test ...

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