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Studio Scale Astral Queen by Jerry Stipp for the Michael Plante Collection

Collector Michael Plante is on fire on his mission to complete his studio scale Rag Tag fleet display! After three years of investigation and finding the correct parts to piece this beast together, ar...

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1701 REFIT Showdown! Builds by John Eblan of FX Co. & QMX

When artist John Elban came aboard as VP in charge of production for QMX… everyone was excited! His fame stemmed from his former ILM works and his own company’s success… The FX Company! Collector’s Mi...

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SOLD!!! 1:350 REL K’Tinga by Marc Elkins in the Michael Plante Collection


This piece sold within minutes of being offered!!!

The Richard Long patterned 1:350 K’Tinga is one of those kits that everyone looks for! If one comes on the market, you can be certain someone ...

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Mega Scale AT-AT wins!

On October 21, in the Las Vegas area was a local modeling competition...

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Collector’s PLANTE and KUHN Visit Artist/Collector Marc Elkins!

A few weeks ago, and one week apart, Collector’s Michael Plante and myself managed to swing by artist and collector Marc Elkins home! What an experience! Michael ended up going home owning Marc’s 6 fo...

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Kropserkel CYLON Centurion from the Michael Plante Collection

Collector Michael Plante recently sent me photos of the full sized CYLON Centurion he acquired from KOPRSERKEL! What an amazing piece!


Here are a few pictures of my recently acquired Cylon Centurion ...

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Studio Scale AT-ST – HASBRO Toy Conversion by Richard Long for the Michael Plante Collection

Hasbro just keeps getting better and better with their toys being more and more like the Studio Models! This one is studio scale! Famed artist Richard Long made this to look fantastic and it ...

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Jim Creveling Battlestar Galactica Replica NOW in the Michael Plante Collection

Famed artist Jim Creveling…...

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6 Foot Star Destroyer AVENGER scratch & bash by Marc Elkins! Now in the Michael Plante Collection!!

NOW in the Michael Plante Collection!!

Nearly three years ago I went to Las Vegas to meet a fantastic young artist named Marc Elkins...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale RED 5 X-Wing! Now in the Michael Plante Collection

December 2013

Heavily modified with fantastic lighting and now in the Michael Plante Collection.

Feb 18, 2011

Now in the Collection of Marc Elkins!

Feb 28, 2009

Amazingly built from an original V1 (Ca...

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