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Retrofitted C-70 by Stefan Hacker

I love showing this artist’s works. Stefan Hacker always comes through with magnificence! Showing here is his C-70 as we viewed it in The Clone Wars! Beautiful!

This is a Retrofit-Version of the Consu...

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Stellar Envoy Redeux by Robin Moore

The Falcon variant seen in Star Wars Episode 3 was fantastic in my opinion...

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The Imperial VENATOR Star Destroyer by Stefan Hacker

Artist Stefan Hacker has done it again with this amazing, battle damaged Venator Call Imperial Star Destroyer! The detail on this piece is amazing, not to mention the fantastic lighting and effects! T...

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RED 2 – Created & Built by NEXUS Models for the Stefan Hacker Collection

NEXUS Models are what I consider to be great examples of the top of this art form...

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1:48 FM X-Wing “Studio Accurate” Conversion by Marko Osterholz

This has been a long time coming. I believe the modeling world owes a huge thank you to the artist’s at for creating the conversion parts that finally make the FM 1:48 X-Wing accu...

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MODELING NEWS! Desktop Model X-Wing HERO Conversion from MODEL-FORCES




Star Wars

Desktop Model X-Wing

HERO Conversion!

Marko Osterolz teams up with Stefan Hacker and Christian Fröhlich to create a new model company (Model-Forces...

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1:24 McQuarrie CONCEPT X-Wing (RED-6) by Stefan Hacker

Built from the kit (originally mastered by Richard Long), professional artist Stefan Hacker did a beautiful job making this Ralph McQuarrie CONCEPT fighter into RED 6 as he envisioned it! I just love ...

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Old Corellian YT-1300 by Stefan Hacker

I absolutely love what professional artist Stefan Hacker has done with this Freighter! It really looks old and very used! His paint techniques are fantastic as usual! What I especially take note of is...

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1:48 Republic V-Wing by Stefan Hacker

This is a fighter design that has yet to really be utilized well in the Star Wars Universe. We briefly saw it in the films, and I would enjoy viewing it more in the Clone Wars series as well...

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27 Inch Blockade Runner by Stefan Hacker

Long before Stefan built his 1:350 Runner… he built the beautiful Randy Cooper kit to look like a filming miniature! His weathering is, as usual, masterful as is the fit and finish! I am a huge...

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