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6 Foot AVENGER – Upgrade WIP from the Michael Plante Collection

We all recognize this amazing 6 foot Star Destroyer AVENGER being the one that famed artist Marc Elkins scratch built a few years ago...

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SOLD!!1:650 (41 Inch) NEMESIS Battle Damaged Enterprise 1701-E! Now in the Albert Siow Collection


May 6, 2013

SOLD!! NOW In the Collection of Mr. Albert Siow!!

December 20, 2012

This beautiful piece started out years ago as a “clean” Enterprise built by Richard Long of his own mastered kit that i...

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“A Solemn Disturbance” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Here is the next in a small series I am doing regarding the Battle on Hoth (the first is SEEN HERE). Using the Mega AT-AT Blue Screen Photos (SEEN HERE) I was able to recreate the seen I recall...

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SideShow T-800 Terminator from the Marc Elkins Collection

A few months ago artist Marc Elkins became one of the first owners of the new full sized Terminator T-800 from Side Show...

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Marc Elkins 6 Foot AVENGER Now in the Michael Plante Collection

Everyone who is anyone in this art form has been aware of the Marc Elkins 6 foot Avenger for a few years...

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1:24 (Mega Scale) AT-AT Damage by Marc Elkins for the Michael Plante Collection

When Marc Elkins built the two Mega Scale AT-AT’s (SEEN HERE) for both the Kuhn Global/Modeler Magic Collection, and the Michael Plante Collection, he deliberately made them different from each other ...

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1980 MPC Snowspeeder by Marc Elkins for the Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic Collection

Talk about a fantastic job…. that is what Marc did exactly with this ORIGINAL 1980 MPC release of the 1:22 Snowspeeder model from The Empire Strikes Back...

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SOLD!! MEGA Scale AT-AT (1:24) by Marc Elkins! Now in the Richard Sung Collection

SOLD!! June 2013

Now in the Richard Sung Collection!


I cannot help except to quote one of my favorite films when looking at this massive AT-AT…

…from Stand By Me…

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AT-ST – Toy Conversion by Marc Elkins for the Michael Plante Collection

Soon after bringing his Mega AT-AT home to his collection, collector Michael Plante also brought home from Marc Elkins shop this fantastic Hasbro AT-ST conversion! Not only does this have customized p...

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Building DEVASTATOR & AVENGER – WIP by Marc Elkins for the Kuhn Global/Modeler Magic Collection

Utilizing the famed 37.5 inch Randy Cooper Star Destroyer kits, artist Marc is in the process of soon completing TWO of these beasts for display at Modeler Magic...

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