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Rag Tag Fleet Vessel by Kenneth Gogan

Kenneth Gogan is back with this outstanding scratch and bash of a Colonial Rag Tag Fleet vessel! It really fits right in to the Galactica Universe as we know it...

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SOLD! 1:4105 Scratch Built Battlestar Galactica by Marko Osterholz

January 13, 2011

This fantastic piece has been sold to a very lucky Collector in Hong Kong!

December 21, 2010

Custom built to go along side the other kits of this size, professional modeler Ma...

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“Tanker Encounter” – Composite Art by Peter Noble

Professional artist Peter Noble again captured a moment of Galactica perfectly! To me, this looks like a screen shot! We see the Cylon Tankers emerging from the cloud barrier as Apollo and Zak fly by ...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! 1:72 McQuarrie Concept Viper from Richard Long

Everyone knows what a Colonial Viper looks like, but not many have seen the fantastic McQuarrie Concept other than what we had shown you here earlier when Richard was making this fantastic kit

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1:4105 MOEBIUS Galactica by Eric Duchin

Another great build of the MOEBIUS Galactica! This time by known artist Eric Duchin! We have shown his fantastic works before and this is an excellent addition to his list...

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1:32 Starbuck’s Viper MK II in Pristine Condition by Keith Sullivan

Built from the amazing MOEBIUS Models kit, artist Keith Sullivan again brings us a beautiful build! This time, Starbuck’s Viper Mk II is on the Landing Deck in pristine condition… right off the Museum...

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1:32 Viper Mk II build by Keith Sullivan

When MOEBIUS Models decided to release the new Battlestar Kits… everyone new they would be a huge hit with modelers! This artist, Keith Sullivan, is back again with his second showing… a Viper MkII bu...

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Kit Alert!! 1:72 Colonial Viper MK I Launch Bay Diorama from Fantastic Plastic


Colonial Viper MK I Launch Bay Diorama
Producer: Fantastic Plastic Models
Scale: 1:72
Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 35
Price: $100
Shipping: $9 USA | $17 International
Available: N...

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1:4105 New GALACTICA by Keith Sullivan

I have the great honor of introducing another fantastic artist to this Gallery… Mr...

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KIT UPDATE!! 1:72 McQuarrie CONCEPT Viper Kit! from Richard Long

Nov. 24, 2010 UPDATE!

Looks like this piece will be ready to go VERY soon! Take a look! Don’t miss out on a piece of Battlestar History!



For ORDER inquiries, contact Richard Long direct by cl...
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