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From industry known NICE-N Model Designs come a huge Studio Kit and Pattern Clearance Sale! Many of these items are OUT OF PRODUCTION and will not be made again! Below is a list of ...

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Marauder – Composite Art by Peter Noble

Using the blue screen photo (SEEN HERE) of the beautiful studio model from the Modeler Magic Collection (from the Mark Bradley patterns), professional artist Peter Noble has created this simple...

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Awakening – Composite Art by Peter Noble

Another beautiful composite by Artist Peter Noble. Using the photos of the E. James Small “Ranger 3” TimeSlip Creations Kit build (Seen HERE), and one of the fantastic Mark Bradley Studio Sca...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION! Buck Rogers RANGER 3 built by E. James Small

What a beautiful kit this is from TIMESLIP CREATIONS! And what a fantastic job professional artist James Small did building it! Every detail is very well done with burn marks of the century’s that Buc...

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“Entering New Chicago” – Composite Art by Peter Noble

This piece captured the essence of the early 1980’s Television Series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” extremely well! It looks like it could be a screen shot fro the show itself! Using the Bl...

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“Starfighter Formation” Composite Art by R.L. Bleecker

Using the blue screen studio photos (SEEN HERE) of the amazing build he did for the collection from the fantastic studio scale NICE-N Model Designs Kit, master modeler R.L...

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Happy Birthday Buck Starfighter Studio Model Photos from Mark Dickson

This piece is one of the coolest designs of Thunderfighter from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century...

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Thunder Fighter Studio Model Photos from Mark Dickson

Here are a few photos that Mark Dickson had of the beautiful Thunder Fighter from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century! I love this piece!

Again… I wish to thank Mr...

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Studio Scale Draconian Marauder (Hatchet Fighter) built by Dean Dymerski

Built from the wonderful Mark Bradley studio scale kit, professional modeler Dean Dymerski made this piece come to life...

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Ardala Launch Studio Model Replica mastered by Jon Billings & Gene Kozicki

Recreating a studio model from the original has always been what everyone would like (if they could not have the original)...

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