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Malmori Warship by Brad Dillon

This is the first time I have ever seen an artist build a replica from the movie Battle Beyond the Stars! Master modeler Brad Dillon never ceases to amaze me in his choice of build, and his excellence...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! 1:1000 U.S.S. AKYAZI Kit from Sovereign Replicas

Soon to be sold through the Starship Modeler Store, the U.S.S. AKYAZI is one sleek and deadly Starship! Patterned by industry known Sovereign Replicas, this kit is clean and crisp and ready to...

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U.S.S. AKIRA Studio CG Renderings from Mark Dickson & Richard Long

Industry known professional modelers Mark Dickson and Richard Long were very kind in sharing these wonderful renders of the powerful Starship that was seen in Star Trek – First Contact in the...

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1:24 Vignette “HUNTER” by Alfred Wong

This bloody scene gave me chills as I first viewed it! Masterfully done by professional modeler Alfred Wong, this erie vignette makes me wonder…...

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MK II RAZOR Style Cylon Raider by Kenneth Gogan

This artist continues to improve upon his MK I design (scene HERE) with this beautiful MK II Raider design built from the Revell/Monogram kit...

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KIT ALERT!!1:32 Colonial Pilot by Scott Spicer

This little pilot, made by master modeler Scott Spicer, fits nicely in the 1:32 line of the New BSG Fighter Kits! You can see the SUPER Mk VII Viper HERE …. and HERE...

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Kit Alert
Producer: Kallamity
Scale: 1:35
Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 200
Shipping: Please Contact
Available: November 2009
Payment Method: PayPal
PayPal Add...
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“Under the Cover of Darkness” Composite Art by Peter Noble

By leaving under cover of the dark side of the planet below, the Rebel Pilot of Blue 7 hopes to evade Imperial forces that suddenly showed up just hours before.

Using the Blue Screen photos of the R...

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1:750 U.S.S. SULACO mastered by German Impache of MODELMACHE

Built in 1994 by sci-fi modeling master German Impache of MODELMACHE, this beautiful piece made my jaw drop open when I first viewed it! It is completely scratch built from various cardboard and plast...

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1:24 Red Jammer Y-Wing by Dean Dymerski

Here is another beautiful build by professional modeler Dean Dymerski from the amazing NICE-N Model Designs Kit. Though the Red Jammer Y-Wing was not seen in any Star Wars film, it was one built for S...

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