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KIT ALERT!!! STUDIO SCALE Type VI Shuttle Kit from BattleBuck.Com

Here we have a beautiful new kit of the Type 6 Shuttles used in Star Trek! These kits are exact replicas of the original filming models. Gary Cannavo and crew of have done amazing work ...

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“MAYFLOWER” CG Environment Art by Jeremy Cook

I love this piece! It reminds me of a modern day shot from the classic Sci-Fi Film “When Worlds Collide”! Professional artist Jeremy Cook (of ILM fame for his works on Star Wars EpIII and Transformers...

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KIT ALERT!!! HUGE!! 1:145 USS Grissom from Bigger Box Models

Kit Alert
BIGGER_BOX_290X50USS Grissom
Producer: Bigger Box Models
Scale: 1:145
Material: Resin
Shipping: Please Contact
Available: Now
Payment Method: PayPal, Money Order
PayPal Address:
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Studio Scale COLONIAL MOVERS by Phil Curl

I again have the great honor of introducing a professional artist to this Gallery… Mr. Phil Curl from the Land Down Under! As you can see with this fantastic reproduction of the Colonial Movers Studio...

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1:24 A-Wing by Richard Long

Built from the beautiful MONKEY WORKS Kit, master modeler Richard Long (of Sovereign Replicas) again shows his top notch skills in this build! The pilot is outstanding itself not to mention the...

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PRODUCT ALERT!!! Goa’uld Death Glider Replica by QMx

Quantum Mechanix does it again with this NEW release of the Goa’uld Death Glider! Designed to be in scale with, and the counterpart to the F-302 (seen HERE… and HERE) this piece is graceful as ...

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Blue Starfighter “The HUNTER” by German Impache

Every time I view another piece from this artist, I can’t help except to be in awe of his abilities! Sci-Fi Model Master German Impache has created another great design! This time it is a Heavy Fighte...

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1:18 CONCEPT Clone Fighter by Lasse Henning from the Warren Fu Design

Lasse Henning is one of the reasons I began collection these fine pieces…

Using the beautiful Clone Fighter design by Warren Fu (seen HERE), and inspired from the beautiful scratch build done by Matt ...

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Falcon & Stellar Envoy by Robin Moore

We have all seen professional modeler Robin Moore’s works  before, but this is the first we will be showing TWO of his at once for reference purpose! The Falcon needs no introduction, but the Episode ...

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Malmori Warship by Brad Dillon

This is the first time I have ever seen an artist build a replica from the movie Battle Beyond the Stars! Master modeler Brad Dillon never ceases to amaze me in his choice of build, and his excellence...

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