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1:12 (31 Inch) Colonial Viper by Sean Sides

This is an artist I always look forward to viewing more works from…. professional artist Sean Sides of the famous SQUARE MODELS! Building the extremely rare kit from MSLZ22MODELS (SCENE HERE), master ...

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The Island CG Environment by Jeremy Cook & Yannick Dusseault

Master CG Artists Jeremy Cook & Yannick Dusseault again have their expertise in the film industry shown with this fantastic CG Environment  from the movie “The Island”...

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1:2500 U.S.S. Kelvin by Brad Dillon

Made from the fantastic 6.5 inch GIZMOTRON Model, professional modeler Brad Dillon again shows us his skills with a piece so tiny! Appropriately built with the DVD/Blu Ray launch of Star Trek, he has ...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!!! 1:24 Scale 1955 TWA Moonliner from Atomic City Models



I recently had the great honor of being able to photograph this beautiful finished piece from Atomic City Models...

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Exploration Vessel AZIMOV by Dieter Bihlmaier

This artist has me in complete AWE of his creativeness! Professional artist, from Germany, Dieter Bihlmaier amazes me with the simple items he utilizes to make his beautiful pieces in such fine detail...

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Ford Twinstar M.P.C. Space Cargo Vessel by German Impache

Here is another great creation from sci fi model master German Impache of Italy’s great MODELMACHE! I can never get enough of this artist’s work as everything he does is completely original! Beautiful...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!!! 1:144 Imperial Lambda-Class Shuttle from ANIGRAND



Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

1:144 Imperial Lambda-Class Shuttle

Kit Materials: Resin

Number of Pieces: 52

Kit Price:

Shipping Amount: $16 to USA

Shipping: World-Wide


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1:18 V-Wing from the Modeler Magic Collection

Physical models for the filming industry are sadly, and quickly, becoming an art of the past...

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RECYCLER mastered by Dieter Bihlmaier

I have the great honor of introducing yet another great and professional artist to this gallery… Mr. Dieter Bihlmaier of Germany! As you can see this professional artist has great skills in bringing i...

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Imperial X2 CONCEPT TIE Fighter by R.L. Bleecker

Beautifully mastered from an AMT Kit, master modeler R.L. Bleecker took the original Vader X1 TIE and turned it into an even  better design that fits between the standard TIE Fighter and TIE Intercept...

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