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1:750 U.S.S. SULACO mastered by German Impache of MODELMACHE

Built in 1994 by sci-fi modeling master German Impache of MODELMACHE, this beautiful piece made my jaw drop open when I first viewed it! It is completely scratch built from various cardboard and plast...

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1:24 Red Jammer Y-Wing by Dean Dymerski

Here is another beautiful build by professional modeler Dean Dymerski from the amazing NICE-N Model Designs Kit. Though the Red Jammer Y-Wing was not seen in any Star Wars film, it was one built for S...

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“Cat & Mouse” 1:24 Vignette by Alfred Wong

This beautiful Vignette is just one of many that professional modeler Alfred Wong has done, and yet…. still always impressive with each and every new piece he does! Absolutely beautiful work!


For inq...

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Blade Runner 44 Inch HERO Spinner photos from Jean-Marc Deschamps

I received an email from known Industry Professional Gene Kozicki a few days ago with a very nice contribution from his friend in France, Jean-Marc Deschamps!…....

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“ACCLAMATOR – The Birth of the Star Destroyer” by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

As the Battle of Geonosis winds down, many of the Clone Troops have been injured, as well as many Jedi...

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Multi Purpose Carrier 62 mastered by German Impache of ModelMache

I have the honor of introducing another great artist joining this Gallery…. Sci-Fi Model Master German Impache of Turin, Italy’s own! His inspiring work is obviously impressive with thi...

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Scout Class Shuttle by Mattias Seger

This piece is wonderful! Master modeler Mattias Seger definitely took this piece to the creative side with this Scout Class Shuttle! The straight lines keep it looking IMPERIAL while it’s sleekness de...

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Acclamator Star Destroyer by Stefan Hacker

This beautiful piece by master artist Stefan Hacker has prompted me to have a 4 foot version built! Stefan did such a wonderful job with this model released by 2 Fat Guys models that I am now ...

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Kit Alert!!! 26 inch Sandcrawler Kit by Randy Cooper

Kit Alert

Producer: Randy Cooper
Scale: 1:96
Material: Resin
Shipping: Please Contact
Available: NOW (allow 4 weeks for delivery after payment)
Payment Method...

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1:4105 New Series Battlestar Galactica BSG-75 patterned by Scott Spicer

Once again this artist impresses me with his pattern and prototyping skills! Master modeler Scott Spicer, along with the assistance of another professional model maker Kobe Lorang, made this master fo...

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