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RAZOR Stylized Cylon Raider by Kenneth Gogan

When I first viewed this piece I immediately thought of the Battlestar Galactica two hour episode RAZOR. Funny enough… that is exactly what professional artist Kenneth Gogan was going for when designi...

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1:72 Plo Koon Delta 7 Jedi Starfighter by Robin Moore

Here is another beautiful build by talented modeler Robin Moore! This beauty even comes with the Hyper Drive! I always love the colors Robin uses for his builds as they add realism to the final piece ...

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SA-13 Gopher Strela 10 by Sean Brannin

This beautiful piece was done by master modeler Sean Brannin. His use of weathering really brought this piece to life! Another beautiful piece by professional modeler Sean Brannin.


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Scar & Ta-Opet figures mastered by Scott Spicer

These fantastic figures were done by professional modeler Scott Spicer! Beautiful and detailed pieces!

Here is what Scott has to say…

‘Scar, (the land waster)’ and ‘Ta-Opet, (the Egyptian princess)’ a...

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1:24 Viper Mk VII mastered by Barry Murray

We have seen this fighter done accurately in many different scales, but this is the first we have seen accurately done in 1:24 scale! Beautifully mastered by professional modeler Barry Murray, this pi...

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“Fast Attack Destroyers” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

The battle over Coruscant is brutal, with the Separatists ships swarming like locusts over a field of grain...

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Anakin’s PODRACER by Jose Maria Clavero Hidalgo

This beautiful build of the AMT produced kit was done by professional modeler Jose Maria Clavero Hidalgo (aka Drath Anik / tioanik) of STUDIO ANIK in Madrid, Spain! Jose masterfully made a diorama of ...

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1:2256 Republic Fast Attack Destroyer scratchbuilt by Brad Dillon

I have the pleasure of again introducing a fantastic talent to this Gallery…. professional modeler Brad Dillon of B. DILLON REPLICAS! Brad’s talents proceed him with many, many great builds… of scratc...

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ON SALE SOON! 1:35 Markov Racer mastered by ALB-LAB

This 7 inch sports racer is an amazing, original design by Alberto Longo of ALB-LAB! Mastered and Prototyped from CG Files, this model is perfect in every way! Even the pilot is beautiful! Yo...

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1:32 “Super” Viper Mk VIIE master by Scott Spicer

This beautiful vessel we saw later in the new Battlestar Galactica series as an advanced Mk VIIE Viper! It’s difference… the sleek new engines intakes and burners! What you see here is a master for a ...

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