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SOLD!! Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider Model W/ Full Lighting and Mounting Armatures



Battlestar Galactica

Cylon Raider Model W/ Full Lighting

& Mounting Armatures

This is a model of the Cylon Raider as seen in the classic 1978 Battlestar Galactica TV series...

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SOLD! Space: 1999 Collision Course Mine W/ Grappler Finished Model for Eagle 1/72




SPACE 1999

Collision Course Mine W/ Grappler


This is the “Nuclear Mine” seen in the Space: 1999 episode “Collision Course”.

It is made from the “JD” kit, scaled to go with any ...

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COMING SOON!! Studio Scale CYLON Raider from Moebius Models – Build by E. James Small

I must admit… this is older news, and we have been sitting on these photos for some time in order to get proper permission to show them...

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KIT ALERT!! 1:1 Space 1999 Stun Gun from Small Art Works


SPACE 1999

Stun Gun


Finished Space: 1999 Stun Guns showing models with and without stun switches and both styles of switch...

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Cooper 27 Inch Blockade Runner by E. James Small of Small Art Works

Famed artist E. James Small recently completed o of these fantastic Cooper Blockade Runners… one for his client… and one for his own collection! Beautiful!






To visit Small Art Works’ site direct,...

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Star Destroyer by E. James Small

This is a magnificent opportunity to view photos of what one of the worlds well known artists, E. James Small.SD1


SD3E. James Small, For Excellence In Model Building, visit Small Art W...

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International Payhauler by Barry Maddin – VFX Photos by E. James Small

I love beauty shots of miniatures. Especially that of artist Jim Small. Showing the build like it should be shown, Jim took care with these photos of a build by artist Barry Maddin!

Modelmaking buddy ...

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Atomic City “EVA Space Pod” by E. James Small

Artist Jim Small returns with this beautiful build from 2001 ASO! Check it out!

Hi all.

Here’s an EVA space pod I (finally) just finished for a customer.

It’s about 7″ in diameter...

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SOLD!! 1:350 ROUND 2 “Second Pilot” ENTERPISE 1701 by E. James Small


HUGE Model at 32 Inches!!

Star Trek

“Second Pilot – Where No Man Has Gone Before”

1:350 USS Enterprise 1701


Here is a model of the USS Enterprise built as the “second pilot” version of the sh...

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Round 2 Display – 1:350 Scale Enterprise by E. James Small

Photos used off of Hobby Talk that were taken by jheilman, this is the build that artist E. James Small did of the classic USS Enterprise kit that Round 2 is offering...

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