SOLD! Space: 1999 Collision Course Mine W/ Grappler Finished Model for Eagle 1/72




SPACE 1999

Collision Course Mine W/ Grappler



This is the “Nuclear Mine” seen in the Space: 1999 episode “Collision Course”.

It is made from the “JD” kit, scaled to go with any 12 inch long Eagle model.

You are bidding on the exact model shown in the pictures.

Eagle and stand shown is NOT included!

The “Mine” is made of hollow resin and has brass feet soldered to the brass legs. The grappler is made from resin, styrene and brass and can be attached to the mine’s outer pins as shown in the pictures.

The end of the grappler cable has a tiny magnet installed capable of supporting the weight on the mine. This magnet can be attached to a stand as shown , or, if you wish you can install a magnet on the bottom of the Eagle’s pod. I will include two extra magnets. A small one that you can glue to the bottom of the pod, or, if you wish to remove the floor of your Eagle’s passenger pod, the larger included magnet can be glued to the inside of the floor, and is strong enough for the magnetism to pass through the floor to hold the small magnet on the grappler cable.

This is a model intended for adult collectors and is not a toy. It is a delicate model that requires very careful unpacking and handling to avoid breakage.

I will ship worldwide. The package measures 22.5cm x 20cm x 20 cm and weighs 300grams. I will charge actual shipping costs only. You can check postage costs to your location by going to the Canada post web site and enter “B6L5G6” as the originating postal code. If there is a significant discrepancy between what the EBAY system calculates and what the Canada Post web site says, I will charge what the Canada Post site shows.






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E. James Small

Nova Scotia, Canada


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