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Collector Alert! Stop Motion Luke on Tauntaun Replica from Guy Cowen & Jim Davidson

What can I say about THIS piece?!! It is pure perfection in every way! Guy Cowen, and his colleague Jim Davidson, managed to bring to life this beautiful Stop Motion Replica from Star Wars Th...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! 1:24 Jedi Starfighter mastered by Barry Murray


This kit has been one of the most eagerly awaited kits for quite some time...

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KIT ALERT!! 1:72 Stealth TALON Kit from Fantastic Plastic

This beautiful piece is one of the most beautiful fighter plane designs I have ever appreciated! From the movie STEALTH, kit maker Fantastic Plastic now brings this kit to YOU!


To purchase th...

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This fantastic piece is a collaboration of the great artist who formed KALLAMITY and ALB-LAB designs and kits. Luca Zampriolo and Alberto Longo have well proven themselves to be on the cutting...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! Studio Scale T-47 Snowspeeder from Nick Sainton-Clark

This has been long in the making…...

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QMx ENTERPRISE Production Model Photos & Reserve Information

Once again….. QMx is on the ball with it’s upcoming releases!

To contact QMX regarding this fine piece, please click their banner link below…


Sign up for the Enterprise waiting list* now by

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KIT ALERT!! 1:1000 NOVA Class Starship Kit offered by Starfleet Models

This beautiful kit produced by Xtreme Models is an outstanding representation of the small science vessel trapped in the Delta quadrant along with Voyager…....

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ALERT!!! 1:180 (19 inch) FIREFLY Serenity from QMx

What can I say about QMx’s choices for replicas…. except that they are ON THE BALL!!! This beautiful piece was originally mastered by professional modeler Kip Hart!


To PURCHASE this fantastic...

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APOLLO 11 Moon Landing 40th Anniversary Tribute

I was only three years old at the time, but still remember Neil Armstrong heading down the ladder and placing the first known human footprint on the Moon. It was July 20, 1969…...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!!! Studio Scale TIE Fighter KIT by Cory Harvey (MensaBoy)

Completely scratch mastered, then molded to be offered as a kit, professional modeler Cory Harvey has again outdone himself! This piece is built to replicate the original filming studio model ...

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