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Mike Hawes NICE-N Studio Scale Star Wars Ep: IV Escape Pod by Mike Salzo

The Nice-N Model Designs studio scale Escape Pod is already fantastic as a Kit from the Frogman, and when placed into the hands of an artist with the skills of Mike Salzo, the piece comes alive! This ...

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NICE-N Studio Scale Y-Wing GOLD LEADER by Carson Ward

I thought that I would submit one of my Nice-N models and see if it would make it to your site. This is my version of Gold Leader that I purchased thru Mike Salzo...

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SOLD to Michael Kuehner! Kurt Kuhn’s SALZO V-2 Studio Scale X-Wing RED 2 by R.L. Bleecker – Blue Screen Photos by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

When Mike Salzo released the V-2 Studio Scale X-Wing, I was so completely excited that I purchased 3 kits from him immediately! I envisioned a trench scene large enough to have all three studio scale ...

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John Simmons Studio Scale SLAVE ONE

Made from the kit that NICE-N Model Designs sold, which was cast by Mike Salzo himself, this build by John Simmons is fantastic! Excellent work.

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Lee Justin X-WING Builds

Artist Lee Justin has impressed us with his scratch build Star Destroyer, and his AT-AT’s and his X-Wing Builds. Here is all of his X-Wings together… always an impressive site!

X-Wingx5 - Red-5-3

X-Wingx5 - Red-5-7

To view more o...

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KIT ALERT!! 29 Inch Hasbro Falcon – Accurizing Kit from Jet Townsend


Jet Townsend


Hasbro Falcon

$100 USD

Plus Shipping

This kit is designed to make your 29 inch HASBRO Millennium Falcon a model replica worth displaying...

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Introducing Professor, Dr. Stefan Piasecki and his 37.5 Inch Battlestar Galactica

Being a Galactica fan, since I first saw it on TV at the age of 11, I was truly excited when I first heard of Mike Salzo’s attempt to create a 1/2 size studio scale version of the Battlestar...

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Mike Hawes 1/5 LandSpeeder by Mike Salzo

Mike Salzo is world known for his skills of pattern work...

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Mike Hawes MASTER REPLICAS T-47 by Mike Salzo

Michael Hawes sent Mike Salzo one of the old T-47 Snowspeeder’s that Master Replicas made years ago, and as you can see… Mike did an amazing job bringing this piece to museum quality...

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Michael Hawes’ Studio Scale RED 5 X-Wing by Marc Elkins

Artist Marc Elkins is very well known for his amazing works, and collection...

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