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“Freighter ESCORT” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Entering the system where the planet Yavin existed was easy for the Captain of the Corellian Frieghter DILIGENCE…. it was not knowing where to go after that which puzzled him...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! HUGE!! Studio Scale Shuttle Tydirium by NICE-N Model Designs

NICE-N-MODEL-DESIGNS_290X50Studio Scale Shuttle Tydirium
Producer: NICE-N Model Designs
Scale: Studio Scale
Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 90
Price: $875
Shipping: $45 Priority U.S...
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WONDERFEST 2010 PHOTO Coverage by Steve Neisen!!

What an exciting event the 2010 WonderFest in Kentucky, USA turned out to be! As always, many major, world class artists, kit and prop producers attended! Here are some photos (sent for showing by Ste...

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“Vader’s Hunt” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

After literally obliterating the Rebel attacking force, nearly on his own, the evil Sith Lord, Darth Vader, swoops into the Death Star trench for one last hunt...

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Studio Scale TIE Fighter by Stuart Jones

This beautiful piece was built by a U.K...

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“Course 2-7-1” Composite Art by Andrew Creighton

This beautiful composite was done by professional artist Andrew Creighton using the blue screen photos (SCENE HERE) of the fantastic studio scale Millennium Falcon (from the former Master Replicas), a...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale RED Y-Wing by Jerry Stipp

ON THE AUCTION BLOCK!… Going… Going…. GONE!… To a lucky collector in Germany!

Built from the fantastic NICE-N Model Designs Kit, fantastic modeler Jerry Stipp built this RED Y-Wing using the same meth...

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1:24 Red Jammer Y-Wing by Dean Dymerski

Here is another beautiful build by professional modeler Dean Dymerski from the amazing NICE-N Model Designs Kit. Though the Red Jammer Y-Wing was not seen in any Star Wars film, it was one built for S...

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1:24 ESCAPE POD by Marce Terrones

This fantastic piece was done by professional modeler Marce Terrones...

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Studio Scale TIE Fighter by Gerard Follano

This fantastic TIE Fighter was built by talented artist, and famed collector Gerard Follano from the NEWLY redesigned NICE-N Model Designs Studio TIE Fighter kit...

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