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MPC Millennium Falcon build by Richard Long for the Clay Brown Collection

Suddenly, like out of thin air,  several builds of the MPC Millennium Falcon kit are showing up! I remember how ‘challenged’ that kit was, and by the look of the builds I have been viewing....

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SOLD!! 1:650 (29 Inch!) Re-Imagined Klingon D-7/K’Tinga from Richard Long


June 23, 2011

Built as a one off just to see where his imagination would take him, here is the fantastic and re-imagined Klingon D7/K’Tinga that Richard Long created! Originally think...

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T-Rex “In Progress” by Richard Long

While the parts are being made for the 1701-D, and the Defiant molds are being done, Richard pulled out a fantastic piece that he will be making for Collector Clay Brown...

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“Only Hope” Composite Art by R.L. Bleecker

Just after coming out of hyperspace, and just before the pursuing Devastator Star Destroyer enters the outer rim system to capture her, Princess Leia and her loyal Rebel crew prepare for the wo...

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“Tatooine” Composite Art by Peter Noble

Laying in wait above the planet of Tatooine, Princess Liea Organa’s Tantive sits in the glow of the desert planet awaiting signal from an old friend of the once proud Republic.

To view this com...

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27″ Blockade Runner TANTIVE by R.L. Bleecker

This fantastic build is hands down the best I have viewed of this amazing Randy Cooper Kit! Professional modeler, and industry known R.L. Bleecker spared none of his talents in creating the mas...

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Corellian Light Freighter “Hound’s Tooth” by Richard Long

This beautiful piece is one of the amazing expanded universe designs now built to reality by master artist Richard Long of Sovereign Replicas! I had never seen this design before Richard began ...

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1:16 ALIENS U.S.C.M. M-577 APC by Ian Lawrence

Talk about jaw dropping pieces! Professional Modeler Ian Lawrence again shows us how real a model can be made! Even the interior has lit screens, a full rifle rack and all kinds of amazing goodies wit...

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“A RADIANT Landing” Composite Art by R.L. Bleecker

Using the photos of his fantastic build shown HERE … master modeler R.L. Bleecker again shows us he has other sides to his artistic talents! This beautiful piece of the RADIANT coming in for a ...

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RADIANT VII Republic Cruiser built by R.L. Bleecker

This beautiful piece was built by professional artist R.L. Bleecker from the fantastic Randy Cooper kit for the well know collection of Mr...

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