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Studio Scale Battlestar – Completed by Charles Adams and Richard Lindstrom

Charles and Richard are definitely not lacking in expertise in building these behemoth filming models! Especially when it comes to the studio Battlestar’s! Check out this latest from them…


The stru...

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Modeler Magic to ALL… HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2013


Pictured above is the Devastator by Marc Elkins and Intractible by R.L. Bleecker

Whatever you celebrate, or even do not celebrate, Modeler Magic wishes you the best of seasons! Thank you for your con...

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NEWS!! Museum of Science Fiction – DONTATION INFUSION!!

Industry artist Gary Kerr emailed me today to tell me of this great venture… the Museum of Science Fiction! This is exactly what this art form should have for all to view! Check it out with the banner...

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Show Report – 2013 Jerseyfest Model Kit & Statue Fair !


Our show in September went extraordinarily well. The Jerseyfest Academy all day classes that occurred the day before the vendor show went phenomenally well (65 students)...

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Edited together by myself from a few short video clips that Jawon sent me to show on Modeler Magic, this really shows the excellence and engineering capabilities Jawon placed into this Iron Man suit...

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Jeff Yagher Sculpting Presentations at Jerseyfest!


We are honored to have Jeff Yagher, the “godfather” of monster model sculptors, as one of our special guests at Jerseyfest. He will be at a vendor table all weekend long, so stop by to say hello.


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Demos & Presentations During Jerseyfest Vendor Show

For the price of admission into the show, Jerseyfest show attendees have the option of attending many demos and presentations all weekend long on painting, building and sculpting figure & vehicle mode...

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Lorne Peterson Best Star Wars Kit Award at Jerseyfest Contest !


Lorne Peterson Best Star Wars Kit Award at Jerseyfest Contest !

The Jerseyfest Model & Art Contest will feature a very special award called the “Lorne Peterson Best Star Wars Kit” award...

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Can you get any cooler than winning an award for best Predator from the man who created the original monster for the movie? The winner of the “Steve Wang Best Predator Kit” autographed trophy at the...

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Advanced Sci-Fi Vehicle Model Making Seminars at JerseyFest 2013!!


Advanced Sci-Fi Vehicle Model Making Seminars (Cost: $60 per person)

The 2013 Jerseyfest Academy will include a new all day seminar called “Advanced Sci-Fi Vehicle Model Making” from 9:00AM to 5:0...

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