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HUGE!! Salzo 1:24 Cylon Raider by Marc Elkins for the Michael Plante Collection

Someone had to be the first… and I am glad it was artist Marc Elkins who was so...

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SOLD!! 66 Inch USS Enterprise 1701 Partially Built Kit (No Electronics) from Jim Key


Jim Key


Star Trek

66 Inch USS Enterprise

Partially Built Kit

$4,600 USD


Now in the Michael Plante Collection!

For Sale: Custom Replicas vintage 2002/2003 kit in partial build state ...

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TWO Studio Scale K’Tinga Builds – UPDATE 2 from Marc Elkins

Fitting the parts is now complete! The armature will be created by Marc for the next update!!
Once again…you may ask yourselves… where might I get a Studio Scale K’Tinga Kit? In the VERY near future, ...

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TWO Studio Scale -Star Trek TMP- K’Tinga’s by Marc Elkins

With only 6 produced, two of these fine K’Tinga’s will be built by Marc Elkins for his own collection, and the collection of Michael Plante! As you can see, Marc is just test fitting the parts as he b...

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Studio Scale USS Defiant by Dan Grumeretz for the Michael Plante Collection

This last two months have seen some great things! Two of them came from the shop of Dan Grumeretz! As far as we know, there were only 3 studio scale Defiant’s cast by artist Richard Long from his orig...

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Hasbo Millennium Falcon CONVERSION by Marc Elkins

Utilizing both the printed parts from 308 bits, and the great created parts of Randy Cooper, artist Marc Elkins was able to build two of these Hasbro conversions for the collections of Michael Plante ...

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Michael Plante Collection…. QMX Starships Enterprise 1701-D and RELIANT

This is an exciting time for starship fans!…....

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HASBRO Falcon Conversions – WIP Continues with Marc Elkins

With the newly printed parts created by 308 Bits in Marc’s hands, he is ready to make these two Hasbro Falcons come to life with all their studio looking glory!














To contact this artist ...

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SOLD! 1:144 Rebel Transport by John Simmons – Now in the Michael Plante Collection




Star Wars ESB

Rebel Transport

Now in the Michael Plante Collection!

This is the rare resin 1/144 Anigrand Rebel Transport painted by John Simmons...

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2014-11-08 Modeler Magic Event, Make-A-Wish Joshua

Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic, along with Kuhn Global Inc...

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