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Dave Olszewski – 2001: A Space Odyssey – MOEBIUS Models – ORION III Space Plane

The is the Moebius Models 2001:ASO Space Plane. I added two aircraft wheel hubs to simulate the engine nozzles within the fairings at the back of the plane.

Dave Olszewski

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Sirius Models – Jeffery W. Wargo – WIP – 2001:A Space Odyssey – Studio Scale Chinese Laser Platform Satellite

Currently I’m working on a studio scale Chinese Laser Platform Satellite from 2001:A Space Odyssey. I prefer to work studio scale. I do professional work, and again, no build ups...

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Jeffery W. Wargo (SIRIUS MODELS) – 2001: A Space Odyssey – Studio Scale MOONBUS

I’ve worked as an Engineer and Model Maker, and have 40 years of experience. I have Solidworks design software and a FULL machine shop (including 3D Printer) to make things...

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The David Romano AMAZING Collection! – Part 1

I have two more rooms with models in them aside from what we are showing here today. The large TU 95, SR -71, and B-2 were built by modelers at Wright-Patterson AFB for early laser research...

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Rob McFarlane’s -Atomic City Models- 2001: A Space Odyssey – Pan Am Space Clipper “ORION”

This is the Atomic City/ Captain Cardboard version of the Pan Am “Space Clipper” from “2001” — also known as the “Orion” space plane...

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SOLD!! Adam K. Johnson/Atomic City 45” Pan Am Orion III by ROSSI REPLICAS


This amazing piece was sold even before we could get it shown. Appropriately so! It is most excellent work by ROSSI REPLICAS own,.. Rob Rossi...

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KIT ALERT! TWO New Products from PARAGRAFIX! Moebius Models 2001:ASO EVA Pod kit: BUTTON Labels and DISPLAY Screens Decals



Moebius Models 2001:ASO EVA Pod

BUTTON Labels and DISPLAY Screens Decals

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$Prices Stated Below$

Plus Shipping

After a lull of over s...

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MOEBIUS Models, Yay! Monsters, Paragrafix – 1/8 – 2001 ASO EVA Pod by Warren Zoell

So many great contributions went into this marvelous creation of Warren Zoell’s. Beautiful work indeed!

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Warren Zoell – MOEBIUS 2001:ASO Discovery One

I decided to take some more pictures of the Moebius Model in order to see what it looks like under heavy shadow.
Warren Zoell

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COLLECTOR ALERT!! HobbyLink Japan Now Offering KAIYODO’s 2001:ASO Discovery One



Largest Scale Discovery One Prop Replica On Sale Now!

160cm (about 5’3″) long, comes pre-painted and pre-assembled with
luxury acrylic stand and original photo-etched...

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