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MPC Darth Vader TIE Fighter X-1 by Gary Salerno

I can never get enough of the Vader X-1…. and this one by Gary is great!

Tie Fighter




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16 Inch NAUTILUS by Gary Salerno

Here is a 16 inch Disney Nautilus that I had done for a client in Hawaii . He was thrilled when he received the model.
Gary Salerno
Starburst Models




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MPC X-Wing by Gary Salerno

Here is a great build by Gary Salerno,which was commissioned by a client after that client loved the MOC Vader TIE X-1 he received from Gary.

X-wing copy



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SOLD!! ID-4 Alien Crash Diorama by Starburst Model’s Gary Salerno




Alien Crash Diorama

$1,300 USD

Plus Shipping

I finished this piece last summer and was fortunate to be able to show the display at the 2015 jersey fest where it ...

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StarBurst Models WIP…. the TOS 1701

Gary Salerno continues his showings with this WIP version of the Enterprise we all love!

The Enterprise is not quite finished as I have a few small details to still work out on the ship...

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Introducing Starburst Models – Gary Salerno

Gary is a gun for hire… rather an artist for hire through his company Starburst Models! You can see some of his work here today with the battle damaged GALACTICA....

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