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Mike Hawes Studio Scale GOLD Leader Y-Wing by Marc Elkins

Famed artist Marc Elkins has done it again for the Michael Hawes Collection! The Studio Scale Y-Wing… GOLD Leader… built from the NICE-N Model Designs Kit! I love this!

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Michael Hawes’ Studio Scale RED 5 X-Wing by Marc Elkins

Artist Marc Elkins is very well known for his amazing works, and collection...

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Michael Plante’s HUGE 1:24 Salzo CYLON Raider by Marc Elkins

Last week we showed the first shots of the very first Salzo 1:24 Cylon Raider to be finished by Marc Elkins for the Michael Plante Collection...

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HAWES Death Star Trench UPDATE!!

WOW!… that is all I can think or say when I see these photos of this Michael Hawes creation! This Death Star Trench is absolutely HUGE… and it is nearly complete! I am excited to see it when it is don...

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HUGE!! Salzo 1:24 Cylon Raider by Marc Elkins for the Michael Plante Collection

Someone had to be the first… and I am glad it was artist Marc Elkins who was so...

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HAWES – Studio Scale Death Star Trench Display UPDATE

Known Collector/Artist Michael Hawes has been busy with many projects as he gets his (now nearly 2500 sq ft) Imperial looking Gallery together...

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Marc Elkin’s SANDTROOPER Hasbro Helmet Conversion

This is beautiful! The Black Series TOY Stormtrooper Helmets are fantastic enough on their own, but that isn’t enough for artist Marc Elkins...

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The Trouble with Tribbles – a Marc Elkins Display

Who doesn’t love a Tribble? Oh yeah… Klingon’s! LOL. This is a great display made by Marc Elkins!

To contact this artist direct, please click the banner link above.

Marc Elkins



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Hasbro “Black Series” Full Sized Trooper Helmets – Modifications by Marc Elkins

Marc Elkins is doing amazing work with the new Hasbro Elite Helmets...

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Marc Elkins Converts the Large, nearly 1/2 scale TOY BB8 !!!

This is the newest version of BB8 as a toy…...

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