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Death Star Tower Turret by Marc Elkins – Blue Screen Photos by Kuhn Global

Long before any kit existed of the Death Star Turret, artists were scratch building them. This is such a scratch build by artist Marc Elkins…...

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Death Star Exhaust Port by Marc Elkins – Blue Screen by Kuhn Global

Artist Marc Elkins did a fantastic job creating this piece. Absolutely beautiful!


To con...

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Nostromo by Marc Elkins for the Jason Hosler Collection

What a fantastic job… and beautiful action effect photos! This piece was done by Marc Elkins for Jason…. with photos by Jason...

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Marc Elkins NOSTROMO Re-Vamp

Artist Marc Elkins recently rebuilt his NOSTROMO to be this beauty!


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TWO Studio Scale K’Tinga Builds – UPDATE 2 from Marc Elkins

Fitting the parts is now complete! The armature will be created by Marc for the next update!!
Once again…you may ask yourselves… where might I get a Studio Scale K’Tinga Kit? In the VERY near future, ...

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SOLD!!! Code 3 Millennium Falcon – A Marc Elkins Re-Paint!!

Star Wars
Code 3
Millennium Falcon
SOLD!! $1,000
Plus Shipping and Insurance

To contact the Seller direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.


This piece features a new studio scale ...

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Another MEGA-SCALE AT-AT by Marc Elkins

Artist Marc Elkins has built many of these Mike Salzo made mega scale beasties in the past for others...

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TWO Studio Scale -Star Trek TMP- K’Tinga’s by Marc Elkins

With only 6 produced, two of these fine K’Tinga’s will be built by Marc Elkins for his own collection, and the collection of Michael Plante! As you can see, Marc is just test fitting the parts as he b...

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The Elkins Collection… FANTASTIC!!

Marc recently sent me a few photos of his AT-AT in his collection area…. so cool!



To contact this artist direct, please click the banner link above.

Marc Elkins



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Millennium Falcon with Custom Made Case by Marc Elkins

Made for a specific client, Marc Elkins did a truly magnificent job on both the Falcon paint and the acrylic case he made for it!


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