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Garry King’s 77 Inch (1950 MM) LEGO Space Cruiser ORION

Lego artist Garry King never ceases to amaze me with what he creates. One day I may have him build a piece to be displayed here. He is magnificent!!


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13’s Battlestar Phoenix Design (Over 6 Feet) built by Garry King… a HIT!!

Original design by Battlestar Galactica’s Eric Chu for the Production of “13”, (with length and design tweeks by Eric, Tobias Richter and myself),… artist Garry King built this beautiful design out of...

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Over 8 Feet Long!! 1978 Cylon Tanker – LEGO Build by Garry King

The Lego Master Builder returns with this amazing addition to his art works!! Absolutely fantastic!!

== 1978 CYLON TANKER ==



2560mm LONG X 610mm WIDE X 260mm HIG...

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Garry King’s 13th Tribe Battlestar Build Being Shown at Lego Exhibition in Hobart

Would you like to see this massive LEGO build of the first Battlestar from the upcoming Production of “13”? Then you are in luck because it will be shown at the LEGO Exhibition in Hobart! The informat...

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“13” Battlestar LEGO Build WIP UPDATE from Garry King

Fantastic artist Garry King gives us an update on the fantastic ‘first’ Battlestar from the Kuhn Global Production of “13”!


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HUGE! 71.6 Inch Gunstar Shebathon – LEGO Build by Garry King

Garry King is truly the KING of Lego SciFi building! I am continually blown away by his massive creations!!


Another class of Colonial Gunstars.

A new design by me as a bit of...

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HUGE! 2560mm LEGO Cylon Tanker by Garry King

Lego “Maestro” (as I believe he has earned that title in the Lego art form) Garry King has returned with his magnificent Lego build of the Cylon Tanker we all viewed in the 1978 film Battlestar Galact...

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LEGO – Modified Colonial Viper by Garry King

OK… my jaw has dropped yet again for Garry work with Lego’s! You amaze me Garry!

I have for you another viper to add to your vast impressive collection and hope you like this one.
There is not much...

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LEGO Y-Wing by Wolf Models & Miniatures

Foxx Wolf returns with this great LEGO build, and paint up of the very popular Y-Wing from Star Wars!

Here is another LEGO build and paint – Gold Leader’s Y-Wing...

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Huge LEGO Cylon Base Star by Garry King

What can I say??… Except to prepare yourselves for a new year of fantastic Garry King Lego Creations!!


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