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“Leaf on the Wind” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Making the best of things he has to use, Capt. Mal Reynolds decides to use the Reaver‘s, and their massive attack force to distract the also massive Alliance forces awaiting them above the pla...

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COLLECTOR ALERT!! Serenity Takes Flight by QMX

Transmit Date: 25.02.2010

Serenity Takes Flight


Earlier shown HERE, this masterpiece that was originally mastered by professional modeler Kip Hart is ready to go! This is what QMX has to say...

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ALERT!!! 1:180 (19 inch) FIREFLY Serenity from QMx

What can I say about QMx’s choices for replicas…. except that they are ON THE BALL!!! This beautiful piece was originally mastered by professional modeler Kip Hart!


To PURCHASE this fantastic...

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Kuhn Global VIPER Squadron

Here is all four of the finished Salzo/Reis Studio Vipers together in action that R.L. Bleecker built for the collection...

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“Laura” Composite Art by Robert Watson

Utilizing the blue screen photos of the beautiful Blackbird Viper “LAURA”, my friend Robert Watson did a wonderful job showing it in orbit!

For inquiries into the Blackbird Viper kit, or to o...

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1:20 Blackbird Viper in the Modeler Magic Collecion

Here is beautiful piece that I had built in order to assist a builder (artist Greg Watson) with funding needed to purchase a laptop for his daughter...

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1:24 (15.25 Inch) Cylon Raider “SCAR” built by R.L. Bleecker

Killed many times in battle, then re-animated again… and again, SCAR the Cylon Raider was one of the oldest Raiders in Battlestar Galactica – The New Series...

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