“Leaf on the Wind” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Making the best of things he has to use, Capt. Mal Reynolds decides to use the Reaver‘s, and their massive attack force to distract the also massive Alliance forces awaiting them above the planet Miranda…. who secrets MUST stay intact according to Alliance Officials. Needless to say… the Alliance blockade now has it’s hand full with the very hungry Reaver‘s, leaving Wash (Serenity’s Pilot) to float right through the cannibalistic mess with his usual professional flight skill. As they manage to ‘crash’ safely on Miranda, due to Wash’s piloting skills…. he manages to get some satisfaction from his landing with the last words he would ever speak…. “I am a Leaf on the Wind”.

Using QMX’s own photos (Seen HERE) of the fantastic piece they are offering to collectors, as well as a screen capture from the movie SERENITY I was able to recreate this recognizable scene. The Serenity you see in the composite IS one of the actual pieces QMX is offering.

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