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KIT ALERT!! HUGE!! 27 Inch Wide!! Star Destroyer Bridge Section RE-MASTERED KIT from KORBANTH




27 Inch Wide!!

Star Destroyer Bridge Section KIT

$450 USD

Special Sale: $295 USD

You save $155 USD!!! (34%)

**Pricing Subject to Change when Special Sale is Completed*...

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KORBANTH Super Star Destroyer built by Chris Kelley for the Richard Sung Collection

I must say that these KORBANTH SSD kits are extremely well received! The fine details placed on them really make them look larger than they are…even at it’s 37.5 inch length...

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Matt Craig’s 38 Inch Korbanth Super Star Destroyer

I have the great pleasure of introducing another fantastic artist… from Australia… artist Matt Craig! Showing his first piece today, he has decided to show the 38 inch Super Star Destroyer that he bui...

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